Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Countdown to ufc 130

Just a heads up guys so you put it on your calenders the next episode of Countdown will be May 29 look froward to see if Edger or Maynard have changed up there training

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ufc 129 recap

Hey guys so i watched ufc 129 last night not a bad card most fights went as where expected nate diaz lost and got suplexed three times typical diaz always under estimates his a opponents.Also we saw the last fight of the The Natural who suffered a defeat to The dragon Machida who received the second front kick Ko in the ufc who in typical karate fashion with a crane kick. Then the not so exciting main fight between GSP and Jake Shields who was un-able to strike effectively against gsp who should that he can trade then just take down and hold his opponent But it was a good card and cant wait too see next fight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jon Jones out!!!!!!

I hope you guys weren't to excited for the Jones Evans fight cause a torn right hand ligament has taken the fight away form the viewers now don't go all crying about it now, cause the minds at ufc gave us a better fight between rising  star Phill Davis will take the place of Jones to fight Evans at UFC 133 to see who really belongs at top contender

Mr. Liddell – Executive Iceman

just saw it too funny hope you guys enjoy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ufc 129

I can't wait for April 30th going to be great fight which is going to hold fights like George (rush) St-Pierre Vs. Jake Shields , Randy Vs Loyota which may lead to randy retirement but i think with a win he may be still pumped to fight another fight seeing how is doing pretty good as light heavywieght seeing how he was to small for heavywieghts now. But with a win by loyota it may be way for him to get back top contesion for the belt cant wait hopefully you guys watch its fight you cant miss


Hey guys welcome to my corner I will be focusing on MMA and really anything random that may be interesting going on it will be fun Thanks for stopping by Stay tune for more!!!!!!!!!!!!